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facebook ads basics

What is Facebook business manager

facebook ads course

Facebook business manager
This is the one platform there you can manage your all assets like Facebook pages. instagram accounts. ads manager also and you can give many access to employees and manager of your business

Different between fb account and business manager

Fb account/profile a simple account where you shere your life events and connect with friends but many people change the profile name to business name and think that this is my business account this is the myth

Business manager is business managing account where you do run ads campaign and see your business work manage your FB pages WhatsApp business account this is like a container you set your assets here

What is Facebook page and ads manager

Fb page . Facebook page represent a business organisation political party’s and famous personality they are shere information by Facebook pages

Ads account as by name you can understand this is the assets where you create ads campaign there are many features as you can detail targeting ads creative so many features now we are not understanding in detail we are understanding only basics

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